Access to Becketts through Public Sector Purchasing Frameworks


At Becketts, we want to bring the best possible solutions to the public sector, not just the private.

We know that you have strong relationships with customers, many of whom like you, trust you and want to buy from you – but their purchasing requirements restrict them to only using pre‐approved frameworks.

Within the public sector, having outstanding credentials a recognised track record in the public arena and providing value for money are key factors that build confidence in the supplier, and provide a route to accountability. Pre‐approved frameworks allow public organisations to be confident that they are dealing with suppliers who have already met these standards. They will have demonstrated excellence and stability for existing customers and have ticked all of the compliance boxes required.

It also makes it quicker and easier to commission solutions with confidence.

Becketts are already approved on a number of different frameworks for public sector use, including:

As a part of our standard Framework Agreements, we’ll work with you to provide a route for your customer to purchase your services. We’ll help you and your customers navigate through the various purchasing options open to them, from Direct Awards right through to tender responses, allowing them to purchase the solution they need from you, and generate revenue for your business – creating a quick, easy and cost‐effective solution for everyone. We’ve already helped our Partners win over £600k in maintenance contracts this year alone, all by using our Framework Agreements.