Contact Centre Functionality in Teams


Being able to provide an excellent customer experience is essential for any ambitious organisation. But it’s not always easy within Teams

Contact centres provide a single point of contact for your customers to complete and resolve interactions the first time – by combining multiple methods of communication. Voice, email, social media, video and images can all be integrated together seamlessly with the right contact centre solution. This allows customers to contact you using the method that suits them, while allowing you to track their enquiry from beginning to end, generate accurate reports and promote effective first‐ time resolution. Since one of the biggest advantages of Teams is the ability to work remotely, by integrating your contact centre with your existing technology, you can provide mobility and ensure the safety and security of your staff.

At Becketts, our solutions are designed to flex up or down at short notice (within pre‐agreed limits), so if the unexpected happens and you need more or less capacity, you can do so quickly and efficiently. This means you can handle different levels of customer interactions as and when you need to, without having to pay the high ongoing costs of your top end capacity all the time.