Keep your treasured numbers


Keep Your Numbers, And Cut Costs

One of the biggest challenges of moving to a new Voice technology is to make sure nothing is lost and nothing if forgotten during the transfer, including any of the services and numbers you currently use and pay for.

At Becketts, we are experts in enabling new technology (like SIP or Teams) to work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, rather than requiring a full and immediate transition to a new solution. This means you can keep all of your existing phone numbers, and still benefit from some pretty significant cash savings ‐ around 40% in fact, compared to IDSN. You can also develop some new and more efficient ways of working, saving time and money.

Historically, the challenge has always been identifying the numbers in use, the network provider who holds the range and the easiest way to move them without causing problems. If a user that needs to be transferred is part of a range where other numbers are unable to move then the options are limited significantly complex and often unsatisfactory. This needn’t be the case. By using our migratory services, you can benefit from the ability to easily ‘pick and choose’ which users and numbers to move to Teams, or another service, as and when required, without worrying about any technical hitches or unexpected fall out.

We can wrap everything up into a single, monthly, per user per month cost. The monthly cost can include professional service charges, set up costs and ‘rental’ options for hardware, individual components can be packaged together to create a unique cost per user, tailored to your needs, and spread over typically a 3‐year agreement.