Specialist Advice

With so many organisations switching to use TEAMS as their enterprise telephone system, it is natural to reach out for some specialised advice. For evidence of how Beckett can help progress change through our consultancy services, take a look at this:

Current issues

These are the main topics of interest we are currently seeing, where a bit of input from a fresh pair of eyes can really help:

Starting out 

How do we set it all up? Gaining clarity over all the costs. Getting a safe but rapid or staged transition plan in place and making it happen.

A fresh pair of eyes

Run your plans by a fresh pair of experienced eyes. Does this all hang together? Is anything missing?

Integration Issues

If you face the complex challenge of making your voice calls on MS Teams work with other (legacy) platforms on a permanent basis, or to facilitate a safe, staged transition then you might be wise to take a bit of advice from others who have done this before.

Fine tuning

A lot of businesses were forced to quickly implement Voice for Teams to allow homeworking due to the Pandemic. Now, there may be a need to fine tune in a number of ways:

  • Adding the “awkward bits” to TEAMS – the elements not yet migrated – which may be forcing the retention of old platforms with high running costs
  • Optimising use of licences, Trunks, number ranges, connectivity
  • Implementing or integrating Contact or Call Centre activities and Voice Recording