Telephone Services

Beckett Telecom provides a full range of Engineering Services to ensure that your communications system meets your needs.

We help you to get the most out of whatever communications system you have by upgrade and enhancement. We work to reduce your costs and maximise your return by looking at the whole life costs and the business case from your perspective.

As we maintain good relationships with our customers, we naturally supply all the engineering services that are commensurate with the evolution of Telecoms.

Solution Design

Beckett Telecom will design your new commercial telephone systems to fit your way of doing business. As part of our consultative approach we often meet with our customers to discuss Telecoms opportunities and issues.

When any new capability is needed (e.g. voice recording) we can always offer you the best product by matching your requirements to our product knowledge.

Project Management

Behind the scenes Beckett Telecom meticulously plans all aspects of equipment and software provision from concept to cut-over.

We live in a connected world so a successful integration of your new phone system with your LAN and server environment is essential, as well as a planned migration of users. Many features today that provide clear operational benefits, including UC and CTI screen-pops of CRM data, rely on IT system integration.


Beckett Telecom has installed thousands of phone systems in the UK and abroad.

We only use fully accredited technicians to install your system. Our service includes pre-staging where we test your Telecoms system prior to installation, feature set-up (e.g. voicemail, auto-attendant or IVR and contact centre), commissioning and desktop phone placement.

We can also provide a person on site after the system has been cut-over to ‘babysit’ the switch for a day to make sure any operational problems are averted.

Support & Maintenance

We maintain all your software and hardware and provide help when needed.

All your Telecoms equipment, phones, peripherals and applications can be covered, as well as lines and network connections. Dedicated Help-desk phone numbers and email addresses are provided, together with the response time that you need.

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