One of Beckett’s tried and tested training tools of choice is ClipTraining. This is a market leading technology learning platform, which offers a comprehensive library of dynamic video lessons, exams and quizzes accessed through a user-friendly learning portal.

The specially written content is designed to deliver knowledge quickly and effectively and is updated on a regular basis so that it is always current and up to date with current regulations. It covers topics such as Cyber Security, as well as and manufacturers such as Microsoft’s product portfolio and features roadmap.

It’s proven that without training only 13% of software features are commonly used. ClipTraining hugely boosts productivity, saving time and money! Users that are more productive mean lower support costs and higher ROI on your software and people investments. With ClipTraining your team will adapt to new technology faster and realise the full potential of the latest versions of Office and Windows. Training costs start from under £3 per user per Month.