These were the first widespread form of truly Digital telephone lines used to connect the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) gaining widespread acceptance in the 1980’s and remaining very popular with business customers ever since.

ISDN2 was connected to smaller legacy telephone systems / key systems, typically 2-6 channels, with ISDN 30 provided on larger systems from as little as 8 channels, going up to 30 channels on a single Digital Bearer. Many large organisation still run multiple bearers to give 30, 60, 90, 120 channels etc.

The ISDN Network is highly reliable, allows multiple DDI telephone numbers per channel and supports a wide range of features. It provides very fast connection times and benefits from high reliability.

More recently, IP based telephone systems are connected to it through the use of a wide range of “media convertors” to enable its continued use on systems which do not have the correct interface. In a sense this proves the popularity and confidence users have in the ISDN network.

BT have now declared these legacy products “obsolescent” and anticipate their demise by 2025. Others feel this deadline is a little unrealistic and likely to be extended.

Becketts Transform & Transition Service

Beckett Telecom are working successfully with numerous customers to provide a fully managed transition service to provide a safe, “no break” transfer of telephone numbers and services from legacy ISDN services to  lower cost, new SIP channels.

The first step is a paper exercise, giving us control over the service and normally reducing your rentals and call costs in the process. This enables us to manage the next steps.

The next step(s) vary and are tailored to each customer, often taking a graduated approach to transferring incoming and outgoing calls to the SIP channels, ultimately leaving you with a digitally transformed solution, fully supportable for years to come and scalable with numerous benefits in terms of portability, cost and DR (Disaster Recovery) options.

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