Contact Centre

The Core of Customer Interactions

Beckett’s provide effective contact centre solutions for happier customers and agents.

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CRM Intergration

The heart of your contact centre

By integrating your CRM with our software, we can use your existing web-based CRM for seamless customer interaction. Give your employees and customers the best experience of your business with intelligent and intuitive technology.

Ultimate Simplicity

Everything you need all in one place

At Becketts, our Unified Contact approach provides a platform that facilitates seamless collaboration among agents and departments. Nothing will slow you down and you can manage everything from one single platform.

Cloud contact centre technology

Technology aligned with your business needs

A feature-rich customer contact solution - that can meet the demands of customer change and growth whilst maximising agent efficiency.

What customer communication challenges does your business experience?

Unified Communications

Providing your employees with an easy to understand solution, that is efficient and allows for smooth navigation is underrated.  Based on the communications that work best for them, from desktop to laptop, to table to mobile, you can provide single resolution on multiple platforms from a single interface.

Long wait times

Nobody likes to be kept waiting on hold, and caller expectations are high.  Worse still is the latest trend to say "we are experiencing unusually high call volumes."

Long wait times are the bane of most contact centres, often just because they lack the right tools and features to avoid the problem.

Data Analysis

Keeping agents focused and having a good customer contact strategy is founded on data. When your solution doesn’t collect the right customer and interaction data, your business is unable to provide a more personalised and better experience for your customers.

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