As June comes to a sweltering close, it’s time to compile Microsoft’s most recent updates again. This month we’ve done a whistle-stop tour of 10 updates you and your business need to know.

  1. Follow User Presence:
    • In the new Teams, you can follow another user’s presence and receive notifications about their availability.
    • Simply select a user’s avatar or profile photo anywhere in Teams to get an overview of their online status, next available calendar slot in Outlook, work hours, local time, or work location (remote or in-office)
  1. People App Instead of Contacts:
    • The Contacts feature from Chat has been replaced with the new People app.
    • To access it, pin the People app to your left navigation pane by selecting the (…) menu, right-clicking People, and then selecting Pin
  1. Windows Notifications:
    • Teams notifications are now fully served from within Teams, and all notification preferences are handled in Teams Settings.
    • No more separate Windows notifications settings
  1. Theme Setting Consistency:
    • Teams Theme setting now follows the OS Theme by default (consistent with other Office applications).
    • Users can change this default in Teams Settings > Appearance and Accessibility
  1. Organizational Chart Lookup:
    • While in a 1:1 chat, select a user’s avatar or profile photo to navigate to their organizational chart within the profile card
  1. Settings Dialog Location:
    • Teams Settings is now an app accessed from the More options menu (…) in the title bar
  1. General Appearance Updates:
    • Colours, tooltip styles, and overall appearance have been refreshed
  1. Search Box Commands Removed:
    • Commands like /activity, /files, /goto, /help, and others are no longer available in the new Teams search box
  1. Third-Party Cloud Storage Integration:
    • You can now directly add third-party cloud storage apps from the Teams App Store (no longer through the OneDrive app)
  1. Activity Tab in Chat and LinkedIn Lookup:
    • The Activity tab in chat is no longer available.
    • However, you can still look up LinkedIn profiles while in a 1:1 chat by selecting a user’s avatar or profile photo

And that’s it – a quick overview of 10 important Teams Updates! As ever, please feel free to give one of our Team a call on 0118 940 9000 if you’d like some more information on how to make the most of Teams.

See you next month!