beckett mobile access charge

July 1st saw major changes to the way in which non geographic numbers are used. One of the most user friendly changes to occur was that 080 numbers would become free to call from ALL mobile networks.

084, 087 and 09 numbers however, are a different story. There is both an access and a service charge to worry about. The access charge is the one regulated by the network provider, and it would appear that many are increasing the price you will pay per minute.

These are the current access charge costs for calling 084,087 and 09 number from mobiles:

Network Charge per minute
Vodafone 45p
EE 36.7p
O2 25p
3 25p


Beckett Telecom Mobile’s access charge is 22.5p per minute.

Now might be the perfect time for you to review your bills and shop around for the best deal to suit you.

We’d be more than happy to help you with that process. Call us on 0118 940 9000.