Are you paying twice for your Cisco IPS Support?

If you have Cisco SMARTNET or IPS Service support and reasonably competent in-house skills, then you could be paying for two lots of support!

As a rule of thumb, the question we ask at Beckett Telecom is:
‘When was the last time you contacted Cisco to provide Maintenance Support?’

If you haven’t contacted Cisco in the last year, then, you are paying for a full support service that you probably do not need.

Beckett Telecom offer an alternative and that is to tailor a support package to give the support that you really need. Examples include:

1. Core Support for specific elements – this does what you expect, specific critical elements are fully supported, elements on edges are as advised.* This option is our most popular choice, as it provides the reassurance of terrific support without the terrific price tag.

2. Basic Cover – for those with full in-house capabilities and little need to refer. This support provides cover when you cannot or a specific support issue needs to be addressed. Primarily used by sophisticated accredited users when they are unavailable to provide in-house support. (Holiday, sickness, or increasingly common, other dedicated projects.)

3. Full Service Cisco Wrap – At Beckett Telecom, we can probably provide this for less than you currently pay.

Paying Twice? Give us a call at Beckett Telecom now:
0118 940 9000

*to answer the obvious looming question, we support items by serial number, so no, you can’t support 1 x C3750 LAN switch which goes wrong every week. [if you don’t know what we are covering off here, you are an honest person and kind to your mother.]