Dialing a phone number closeup

Beckett Telecom SIP up the savings, and gulp down the Benefits!

As SIP seems to be such a hot topic with so many of our customers installing it recently, we thought we would take the opportunity to release another blog on the subject.

The question you may ask yourself is…. Why are they doing this?

With significantly lower channel rentals, call charges, inclusive bundled call packages, the location flexibility and  DR (Disaster Recovery) benefits of calls being delivered to and from anywhere with an Internet Endpoint, it is often a true “no-brainer”!

The range of new, low cost “convertor boxes” means that a “SIP upgrade” can be added to almost any existing system, so that customers can benefit from the functional and cost saving advantages regardless of the age or type of technology in place, this includes some very old stuff!

We are doing some calculations for one customer at the moment with over 60 small sites, and even with the addition of the “convertors” we are seeing savings of nearly £60,000 per annum.

This is a great way of getting all the benefits without having your arm twisted in order to change everything out.

If you’d like to discuss this please call us on 0118 940 9000 for some free guidance, quoting “SIP no brainer”!