AI is the new buzzword in the IT space with services like ChatGPT and Bard becoming household names.

At Becketts, as voice experts we’ve teamed up with Audiocodes to bring you advanced conversational AI, but what does this mean for you in practice?

This provides skills based routing and Conversational AI at network level, which allows to offer callers options such as:

  • “Say the name of the caller or department you want to speak to” – calls can then be passed to a user or department regardless of solution – either Teams or a legacy telephony system.
  • “in a few words outline the reason for your call” –  common requirements such as checking status of an order can be automated – with a dip into your CRM database, and the results presented to the caller, and then the option to go through to an agent or hang up
  • Network Queuing – as the solution is delivered in the cloud we are able to provide network level queueing, removing the requirement for additional capacity or in the event of busy periods.


An incredibly powerful set if tools, with even more at the back end including Skills Based Routing, analytics and recording, and as with all Becketts Voice services, it’s embedded into our SIP Trunks – so no complex set up or management.