While SIP Trunks are inherently more flexible than old style ISDN and analogue lines, Becketts SIP Trunks provides even greater movement and positioning.

Our SIP Trunks include not only all calls to UK Landlines and mobiles, network level resiliency and disaster recovery options, but also allow you to flex up and down as you require.

For instance you may have a once a year event which requires you to have the capacity for 100 concurrent calls, while the rest of the year you only need 20.  We’ll ensure that you can always have the capacity for the maximum number you need (we do cap it at 100,000 though!), but you’ll only pay when you use them.

This means you can be sure of keeping your costs down, your customers can always get through and you can provide the service you expect.

In addition all of our SIP Trunks have the ability to connect directly into Microsoft Teams providing a quick, easy and cost effective Teams and Voice solution.

To find out more about Becketts SIP Trunks, give one of our friendly team a call on 0118 940 9000 or fill in the form below.