Helpdesk support

When you sign a maintenance contract with us, you gain access to our helpdesk support. This is one of the busiest parts of the business, so I asked the helpdesk what the most common challenges are that they face when customers call in:

  • Know your passwords– Many customers will not be aware that there are so many passwords involved with their telephone system. These are usually linked to the system itself, associated applications including their operating systems and remote access. In order for remote work to be completed efficiently or at all, it is always good to ensure we have these passwords when logging a fault.
  • Know what is covered– There are lots of little boxes involved in telephone system hardware, and we may not cover all of them. One of the most common things we hear is ‘I assumed that was covered.’ This can cost you time in wasted calls, and you could incur additional costs for any work that you request.
  • Know what is in your contract– Generally we do not take responsibility for a customer’s operating system e.g. Windows 2008, its best to check in your contract to see who is responsible before making the call.

These tips should help you to get the most from your helpdesk support.

If you do not have a maintenance contract with us, call us on 0118 940 9000 to see how we can help support your system.