Here’s a summary of some recent changes and updates in Microsoft 365 for this week: 

  1. Exchange: Message Recall in Exchange Online: 
  • The Message Recall feature in Outlook for Windows has been improved. Previously, it relied on the recipient also using Outlook. Now, message recall happens directly in the recipients’ cloud mailboxes, regardless of their email client. The success rate for recalls has significantly improved, and users now have a single recall status report for all recipients
  1. Outlook for Windows: Signature Cloud Settings: 
  • Signature settings are now stored in the cloud, ensuring a consistent experience across devices when accessing Outlook for Windows. This feature has been released to the Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel, with availability in other channels to follow
  1. Excel: Hyperlinks in Modern Comments: 
  • You can now add hyperlinks to Modern Comments in Excel. This enhancement allows for more interactive and informative comments within your spreadsheets.
  1. Microsoft Teams: Start a Teams Chat with Distribution Groups, Mail-enabled Security Groups, and O365 Groups: 
  • Teams now allows you to initiate chats with distribution groups, mail-enabled security groups, and Office 365 groups. This feature enhances collaboration and communication within Teams.

As ever there are a host of features available both in M365 and the Microsoft Partners Ecosystem.  TO find out more give us a call on 0118 940 9004.