Our monthly look at what’s happened and what is happening in Microsoft 365.

As always there’s been improvements and additional functions added various pieces of M365, Teams and Dynamics – here’s a quick overview of what this means to you and what’s going to happen in the coming months.

  1. Slash Commands:
    • Slash commands provide a quick, user-friendly, and consistent interface for taking contextual actions, composing messages, navigating, and completing frequent tasks. Instead of performing multiple actions to accomplish a task (such as opening a chat in a new window or changing your presence), you can simply type a slash in the compose box, select a command, and complete your task swiftly.
  2. Co-Edit Code Blocks with Loop Components:
    • Save time by using Loop components to share and co-edit code in Teams. Instead of sending multiple code blocks, insert your code into a Loop component or turn a native code block into one. Anyone with access to the Loop component can review and co-edit it, making communication clearer and faster
  3. Custom Emojis and Reactions:
    • Bring more creativity and expression into your conversations with custom emojis and reactions. You can upload your own custom emojis or reactions to personalize conversations and reflect your team’s culture. Custom emojis can be used efficiently to share status or add a lighthearted touch. Once uploaded, custom emojis are visible to all members of the chat within your tenant. IT admins can control permissions related to creating, deleting, or disabling custom emojis1.
  4. Unfurling Permalinks for Code Previews:
    • Share code with your team more easily by pasting a permalink that shows a rich preview from Azure DevOps. The receiver can view the code directly within Teams, helping the team understand the context without leaving the chat.
  5. Intelligent Recap for Scheduled Channel Meetings:
    • Teams Premium and Copilot for Microsoft 365 licensed users can easily browse meeting recordings by speakers and topics. After a channel meeting ends, they can access AI-generated meeting notes, tasks, and name mentions.
  6. Microsoft Viva Goals Enhancements:
    • Microsoft Viva Goals will receive several new capabilities. These enhancements aim to improve employee productivity, engagement, and well-being by helping users set and track goals effectively.
  7. Customizable Templates in Whiteboard:
    • Whiteboard now offers customizable templates. This feature allows users to create visual collaboration spaces with tailored templates for various scenarios, such as brainstorming sessions, project planning, and more
  8. Enhanced Polls in Teams Meetings:
    • Polls in Teams meetings are getting an update. This enhancement aims to enhance cross-team communication by providing more robust polling capabilities during virtual meetings.
  9. Advanced Deployment Guides:
    • Microsoft will release advanced deployment guides to assist businesses in optimally using their Microsoft services. These guides provide detailed instructions and best practices for deploying and managing Microsoft 365 services – or you can speak to one of our Team and we’ll be happy to guide you!

Some of the additional functionality coming in the next few months includes:

  1. Message Recall Improvements:
    • The Message Recall feature in Outlook for Windows will be enhanced. Instead of relying on the recipient’s email client, recalls will now happen directly in the recipients’ cloud mailboxes. This improvement ensures better recall success rates, regardless of the email client used by the recipient
  2. Switching Modes in Word:
    • In Word for Windows and Word for Mac, users will be able to seamlessly switch between editing, reviewing, and viewing documents. This feature provides flexibility based on the task at hand, allowing users to read, suggest changes, or leave comments more efficiently
  3. Refresh Queries from Authenticated Data Sources in Excel for the Web:
    • Excel for the Web will allow users to refresh Power Query data from authenticated data sources. This enhancement streamlines data updates and ensures accurate information in Excel spreadsheets
  4. Auditing Capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Identity:
    • Microsoft Defender for Identity will offer audit logs for various activity types. Administrators can track changes to administrative settings and configurations, enhancing security monitoring and compliance

Lots to see and do here, and with the addition of more features from 3rd parties, such as Audicodes, Jabra and Leexi, Microsoft 365 can be the complete communications solution for your business

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