Gone are the days of being chained to a particular desk or office space; the world has been accelerated into an era of flexible and remote working thanks to COVID-19.

For many, remote and flexible working will remain the standard after COVID-19 and ‘on-the-move’ productivity solutions will be essential. And for those in certain lines of work, like retail, healthcare, or many service industries, their mobiles phone is likely the only device they have on them for most of the day! As such, the Microsoft Teams mobile experience is becoming even more important than that on a desktop. Rated as the #1 productivity app on both the App store and Google Play, there are many reasons to love the Teams app… here’s our top 9:

  • Quiet days and hours

Remote working can mean working more or unsociable hours; especially if you have colleagues in different time zones. Although it’s sometimes tempting to work longer, it is important to set boundaries and take time to disconnect. On Teams mobile, you can set ‘Quiet Hours’ (for example, 7pm to 7am) and ‘Quiet Days’ (like the weekend) This feature helps you take control of your personal time and can help relieve stress.

  • Share content from your phone in meetings

If you’re away from your desk, but still need to share something quickly, this feature is a lifesaver! Teams mobile allows you to share PowerPoint slides, videos, photos, or even your phone screen.

  • Transfer a call from your laptop to your phone

Have you ever had to drop off an important conference call in order to rush to an appointment, or make sure you would be home at a specific time? Teams offers the seamless experience of transferring a call from your desktop to your phone without interrupting the flow of your meeting, so you can finish your work while on the move.

  • Audio messages

Audio messages can enhance collaboration and offer personality, tone and context to a message that chat or text can’t. The feature is perfect for when you are away from your desk; walking the dog, picking up the children or even cooking.

  • Dark mode

Just like the ‘dark mode’ on Teams for desktop, the Teams mobile app now also has the much-loved function. Dark mode is perfect for low light environments and night-time working (like checking your messages before bed!), reduces strain on some people’s eyes, and is a great battery saver.

  • Integrated Office lens

The Office Lens in the Teams mobile app recognizes when you are taking a photo of a whiteboard or document and then optimises the picture – even straightening out the document or improving the clarity of the writing. You can also annotate images with text or drawing.

  • Personalisation of the navigation bar

For many, their mobile phones are their lives – or at least have their lives stored on them. As such, the ability to customise the way it’s set up to suit you is crucial. You can customise your bottom navigation bar in the app with the tools that matter most to you. 

  • Manage your notifications with a single swipe

The Teams mobile app enables you to organise your messages and notifications before you sit down at your desktop, so you can get a jumpstart on your day. With a single swipe, you can mark messages and notifications as read/unread and prioritise them for efficiency.

  • Easy shift management for on-the-go workers

As a frontline, on-the-go worker, sometimes even weekly schedule management can be a headache. Instead of going through the faff of having paper schedules, manually adding shifts into a calendar or calling up your colleague to swap, you can use Shifts in Teams to manage your schedule seamlessly and keep in touch with your team!


If you have Microsoft Teams and want to find out how to get the most out of it, talk to us today!