Using MS Teams for Enterprise Voice

In today’s rapidly changing world, MS Teams has transformed the way that internal teams operate. Our Direct and Concurrent Routing platform delivers high-quality voice to enable those teams’ members to talk to everyone. Local, remote, system or cloud-based, we have an integrated solution for every user including Contact Centres. Read More


Using MS Teams for Enterprise Voice

Our Voice Proof of Concept is brilliant, even if we do say so ourselves, particularly as it can be set up in about 48 hours!

It covers the provision of voice channels and call bundles, information and assistance for ordering Microsoft licences and engineering assistance for the Teams Back- end, options to overcome phone numbering trials and delivery options and solutions for tricky challenges like contact centre operators and call routing.

Microsoft recognise that larger Voice users will require a more sophisticated solution than they can offer, one which draws together various technologies to truly deliver a single centralized solution. That’s why their off the shelf call packages don’t really work for larger organisations.

Our solutions really do work for larger organisations. Beckett are passionate about Voice in the Enterprise sector and have been for more than 30 years. Find out for yourself with our PoC. It’s quick, straightforward to implement and really cost effective.

Our market tested well developed Proof of Concept is already being rolled out in Local Authority, Education and Enterprise locations in the UK. Fill in the form below to find out why we’re a preferred partner across the UK.

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