Cyber Security

Boost your cyber security with a grant from the Government!

Last month the Government announced a new scheme that would help SME’s improve their cyber security. With an ever growing risk of cyber threats, this scheme will help to improve businesses knowledge and increase their security. This is part of the 1 million pound initiative to ensure that the UK has the capabilities and man power to protect their public and private sector businesses from cyber threats.

Any qualifying business will be eligible for up to £5,000 worth of vouchers that can be used to gain specialist advice on how to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. It will also aim to assist businesses in implementing the Governments Cyber Essential Scheme.

Kevin Baughn, Director of technology at Innovate UK, who are overseeing the scheme says:

“The UK’s economy is increasingly underpinned by digital infrastructure, so cyber security is now a critical component. The schemes announced today will give cyber-confidence for businesses and consumers and will help our digital economy to flourish. The UK now has the opportunity to become a world leader in cyber security, creating the jobs of tomorrow and driving productivity and growth”.

These days’ companies handle sensitive data, electronically on a daily basis, so security is essential in order to protect them. For more information on these schemes, visit the Department for Cultue, Media and Sport’s website.