Reducing Teams Licensing Costs


Anyone who has any experience of Microsoft’s Licensing structure will agree that there are a lot of different options available. Almost too many, at times. To be fair to Microsoft, they have been working to reduce the number of options and simplify the buying process, however with new products constantly being launched, it can still be overwhelming. And that’s before you get into the bolt‐ons and the array of extras you could choose.

Of course, this isn’t too difficult to handle for one or two licenses, when the cost difference is just a few pence. When you’re using MS Teams and Voice (usually known as phone system or Business Voice), the cost can climb pretty fast, making a significant ongoing investment. This may mean as much as £18‐20 per user per month, when call packages and enterprise options are taken into account. That means with an organisation of just 300 users, you could easily end up spending over £72,000 a year on the phone system alone.

We work with our customers to advise them on the most effective, cost‐efficient way of implementing MS teams – keeping the cost as low as possible while accessing all the functionality they need. When done well, the cost of implementing Teams doesn’t need to be more than your existing on‐site or hosted solution.