soft-phone on smartphone

As regular telephone users, you probably know that you can forward your desk-phone to your mobile phone on a regular basis. The frustrating thing about this is that you don’t receive the caller ID information (CLI). Do you know that there are apps available for a variety of telephony platforms that can fix this problem, as long as you are connected to your buildings WiFi?

These soft-phone apps allow you to use your business/personal mobile to make and receive calls from your desk-phone number and give you access to some of the features.

Let me explain:

  • The app does not necessarily replace your desk-phone; it is an extension of it. It allows you to move away from your desk and not miss any calls and most importantly allows you to get the inbound CLI.
  • It will NOT affect your personal tariff. If you are using the app on your personal phone, the app is linked to your desk-phone number meaning that the business picks up the cost of any calls and your minutes are not used.
  • There is no need to give out your personal number.
  • Real life example: You are called into a meeting to discuss a particular issue, you really want the input of a particular person but they are currently engaged. You leave a voicemail asking for a call back but then have to go into said meeting. By taking your smartphone with the app set up and installed with you, when that important call comes in, you receive it on the app on your smartphone and deal with it there and then and save the day.

The use of soft-phone apps is steadily increasing. If you need any more information on how these work, or which app would work with your system, give us a call 0118 940 900