Increasingly, organisations are migrating voice Communications to work within MS TEAMS.

For many this is simply a “no-brainer”.

Our consultancy is always tailored to the customer’s specific needs, but we are finding increased demand for the following:


*Consulting with users to ensure migrating to TEAMS can meet requirements, thereby gaining user buy-in

*Checking that existing (legacy) systems can work together for a period of time to ensure a well-managed transition

*Establishing the best value solution to optimise scalable licensing, per user / concurrent usage options and total Ownership costs

*Designing a solution to give the resiliency required

*Where appropriate establishing the best method to fit within a “Cloud First” strategy


We can normally cover the above aspects for an organisation with up to 2,000 users for a fee of £4,950 plus VAT.

Look at what one of our customers says about his experience with our advice and the amazing outcome he implemented.


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