Tight integration with a replacement solution


At some point, legacy systems need to be left in the past, and it will be time to transition to a new platform . With Teams and particularly under Covid conditions,  there has been a huge uplift in the number of users migrating across, and while this is fantastic news, there are some pitfalls to be aware of when moving users.

With a larger estate, understanding your telephone numbers, where they are and how they are used is critical – one of the worst things that can happen is to miss a DDI range when moving from one technology to another, which then disappears. This simple example highlights how essential is it to understand what your staff actually use, and ensuring they have access to the right resources and the right training.

Our migration approach is consultancy based, so that we can be sure we understand what you need, the aims of your organisation, how quickly you want to migrate, and what your current expenses and budgets are. We’ll then provide an outline of savings or costs, any additional services you’ll need on top of the ‘vanilla’ Teams, and the requirements and timescales to make it happen.

We handle the migration for you from start to finish, and even provide comprehensive training for you and your teams, to ensure everyone knows how to use the new platform from day 1.