Stop Sell Consultancy

The first phase of the PSTN Switch Off is only 4 weeks away. This is all you need to know;

From the end of September, you will be unable to;

  • Install new Analogue/ISDN lines
  • Transfer lines to another provider
  • Add Broadband to legacy lines
  • Increase or decrease broadband speeds
  • Modify Single Lines to Multi Lines or ISDN
  • Add/Amend DDI Ranges
  • Restart Stopped Lines
  • Migrate to Non-Ultrafast Products

We can help you to future proof your business.

We’ll be happy to help you understand what you have, and the options that are available to you whether that’s for your main telephone lines or the myriad of connections you have going into homeworkers houses, alarm lines and various connections that have appeared over the years and have been forgotten about. Whatever your requirement, we have a solution for you.

We recently identified over 200 analogue connections for a customer that were redundant and didn’t know they had – making a considerable saving but most importantly the site is now more secure.

With the big changes coming up please feel free to give us a call