Microsoft Teams is a pretty complex platform with constant updates. Knowing and utilising all the features can feel overwhelming, but when done right, it can optimise the platform.

We’ve sifted through the key new features you need to know about, so you don’t have to.

  1. All-New Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams:

The Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams has undergone a complete overhaul, offering a rich visual collaboration workspace.

  • With over 40 customizable templates, the ability to insert images and shapes, and 8 new reactions, it’s now easier than ever to collaborate visually.
  • You can also insert documents (such as PowerPoint presentations) and annotate them using 15 new pen and highlighter colours.
  • Available across Teams desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Microsoft’s whiteboard run down (if you’re desperate to find out more!):

  1. Live Transcript in Unscheduled Meetings:

Live Transcript is now available for both unscheduled (ad hoc) and Channel Teams meetings.

  • For ad hoc meetings, you can download the transcript from the chat screen after the meeting.
  • In Channel meetings, the transcript is accessible under the Recordings & Transcripts tab.
  • To enable this feature, ensure that the Allow Transcription policy is turned on.

More information on using live transcription found here:

  1. Breakout Room Enhancements:

Meeting organizers can now extend breakout room management to presenters.

  • Presenters gain control over breakout rooms, performing operations as managers or organizers.
  • Only participants named as presenters can be appointed as breakout room managers.
  • Additionally, pre-meeting room creation and participant assignment are possible via the Teams desktop app.
  1. Presenter Mode “Standout” in PowerPoint Live:

This mode allows you to overlay your video feed on the PowerPoint presentation slide during a Teams meeting.

Whether you’re using PowerPoint Presenter View or SlideShow view, “Standout” enhances your presentation experience.

  1. Other Notable Updates:
    • End-to-End Encryption for Teams Calls: Enhanced security for your voice calls.
    • 999 Emergency Calling Location Detection: A critical safety feature.
    • Teams Experience on Windows 11: Personal account users can quickly start video calls or chats with friends and family.
    • Multiple Language Adoption within Voice: With St Davids Day long gone, at long last Welsh is now adopted for Teams Voice (amongst many others)

Optimise your Teams experience and find out more:

As ever, there are many more improvements and enhancements in the Microsoft environment. To find out how to help your business take full advantage of them, get in touch with one of our expert Microsoft Partner team today.

Gadewch i ni beidio â siarad am y rygbi!