What is Transition?

Transition is the movement from the static, predominantly standalone PABX platform that delivers voice calls only, to a fully integrated solution that works seamlessly with critical business applications, both existing and potential.

Organisations have been reluctant to implement transition, perhaps because the telecoms function has traditionally been seen as necessary, but not dynamic, and certainly not evolving. Moreover, for some the technological challenge has simply been too weighty to address.

But technology has moved on, and so have customer expectations. It’s now possible to combine diverse communication technologies (voice, web, email, social media etc) to drive business processes across the front and back office. Where, historically, a number of data entry actions would be required to process an activity, these can now be completed by quickly creating applications that save effort and resource at the same time as they enhance the user and customer experience. In almost all environments, transition brings improvements that simplify processes and deliver efficiencies.

However, yesterday’s systems weren’t designed with these challenges in mind.

But there is hope. Our expertise will enable your organisation to gain the maximum return from legacy systems, while helping you to plan for a new system that will deliver all the fully integrated solutions that will be essential for survival in the years to come.

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