5 Questions we get asked the most by IT departments as they migrate to Teams are as follows:

  • How will I learn to use and manage Teams, and help my users to make the most of it?  For End Users Teams Voice is a natural progression from using Teams for Conferencing and internal calls, and with a wealth of experience in migrating over 30,000 users to Teams, we have the documentation, videos and experts to help you achieve your goals.
  • How will I turn off my existing system and reduce our telephony costs? Our innovative solutions allow you to keep your old system and Teams running together, without the need for per user per month costs or allocating of resources between the solutions.  One cost will cover them both.
  • How will I meet our cloud migration and remove existing legacy equipment? Key to the project is to ensure you can hit your cloud and environment requirements.  With over 35 years of voice experience we’ll send in the experts on your old systems to both provide a connection to Teams, but also to understand what’s in use, what can be removed and what need to stay.  We’ll even remove the equipment and dispose of under WEEE for you.
  • How will I manage the platform and ensure customers get through to the right person in the right time? As part of the setup our experts will work with you to build Teams Calling Profiles, groups and more to ensure your customers get through first time, and if you have requirements for more than just routing we have a variety of Omni Channel Contact Centres and routing add ons to Teams
  • How can I report on my Teams solution? As a native part of the Teams infrastructure reporting through Power BI is as simple as the rest of your Microsoft products, but we also add an additional layer of reporting – from device management to quality and with options for live queue and wallboard solutions

To find out more about how you can answers these questions (and more) simply give one of our team a call on 0118 940 9000 and we’ll be happy to help