Road Map

6 of the Best! High Level New Year Resolutions for High Level Telecoms Professionals…….

Have Fun while doing the right things!

1. Resolve to remember….nobody should care about the technology, it’s only business benefits and productivity that matters. Make this your mantra!

2. Resolve to firmly set your direction, get a clear Telecoms Roadmap set out ahead of you to inform all of your strategic and tactical decisions. Truly know where you are going. This makes everything clearer and easier.

3. Resolve each day to take at least one crucial Roadmap action, take the steps you need to take to be in the right place on your development plans and stay ahead of the game.

4. Resolve to be 100% clear about your priorities. What are your objectives? Which are the most important? Get them properly ordered. Keep looking, be ruthless about the priorities and commit to acting consistently within them.

5. Resolve to relentlessly cut waste. Write a list of all areas of potential waste and overspend. Work out a timetable to look carefully at each area and resolve not to let it slip!

6. Resolve to remember, just because it is new and shiny does not mean it is better for the business purpose and just because it works over the Internet doesn’t necessarily make it better either!

Graham Beckett
January 2015