James Bolger of Beckett Telecom

James Bolger – New To Beckett Telecom and full of Buzz!

 New to Beckett Telecom

I am very happy to be a part of the Becketts team. From day one, I have been welcomed into the company with open arms.

I have been given the support to grow & learn for myself through training seminars. Having a direct line through to management and such experienced account managers has helped immensely and has aided my development.

New To Sales

Some people find sales a daunting job role! I find it exciting, challenging and rewarding. I enjoy building rapport with existing clients but also thrive on the challenge of winning new business for the company.

My Strategy for Winning New Business

My strategy is based upon being open and honest to potential new customers. Knowing my customers and what they want is key to my strategy as it helps me to match my products with the individual requirements of each business.

Responding quickly and effectively to leads that I get from different avenues is equally important. Sometimes these come from current clients, our ‘Lead Forensics’ software, or from our Beckett Telecom database.

I work closely with my colleague Mike Gooch, and we help each other with sales leads at different levels.

The future

I am very excited about my future with Beckett Telecom. They are a dynamic and caring company and I really enjoy coming to work in the mornings – not everyone can say that!

Contact James

To contact James Bolger, simply call Beckett Telecom on 0118 940 9000