With today’s more agile work styles you may find that the need arises to create and manage a more flexible approach to Contact Centre solutions.

Challenges with recruitment, complexities through remote staff location and inevitably Covid, have created a situation that significantly impacts customer services.

It is no longer acceptable to use the Pandemic as a reason for poor customer service and a new approach needs to be adopted.

Fortunately our flexible contact centres solutions allow for a temporary increase to agent numbers for times of peak demand. Additionally it can be used to bring in other staff who historically have been forced by technology to remain hidden or inaccessible to front line customers.

They can be quickly deployed to take calls, or more usually alternate services such as email, web chat and social media inc. WhatsApp, all of which can be managed through the contact centre.

Most organisations experience an ebb and flow of customer service need. With agent flexibility, we can offer the ability to multiskill traditionally non- contact centre staff quickly and effectively, to deliver great customer services during peak times keeping wait times low and answers to queries first time.

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