Mike provides a bit of insight on Analytics for TEAMS

On a traditional on premise telephone system reporting and managing capacity was fairly straight forward, you could call on a Call Logger to enable a report on the number of inbound and outbound calls, extensions that hadn’t been used and who had spent what!  Now with Teams reporting is a more tricky, but potentially more valuable tool.  With all hosted solution you need to be able to hold the cloud to account – how can this be done?  How can you tell if people are using all the tools within a licence? Can you identify the reasons for poor quality or even if additional training is need to aide adoption and uptake.

If you are a PowerBI whizz  with plenty of time on your hands, then all this is available, however for the rest of us,  some great, time saving off the shelf products are available to help you do this, and even better these tools will help you save hard cash, spot problems, optimise your licensing and make you migrations successful.


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