Disaster recovery services from Beckett Telecom

It’s that time of the year again – here we are battling against the elements!

For businesses across the country, its essential to keep lines of communication open with their customers. Having a contingency plan for unforeseen circumstances is a must. A Disaster Recovery (DR) option, particularly if you know that you are at risk, is imperative.

Having problems with your company telecommunications is disastrous – quite simply, if a customer calls your number and it’s NU (number unobtainable), you are effectively telling people that your company is dead! Regardless of how many business transactions you have on-line, a working phone, with a human being to talk to your customers, is the lifeline of your business.

Disaster Recovery for Voice communications is a phrase that means different things to different people.

For example:

  • To some it is a full service including a telephone system, delivered and installed with handsets, to an agreed location and enable calls for all users.
  • To others, it is the ability to point inbound calls to another number.
  • To most customers it’s somewhere in between. Whatever you need it’s probable the technology exists for permanent professional solutions.

Beckett Telecom can help with all elements of Disaster (DR) recovery. No matter where you are on the Disaster Recovery Scale, prices start at just a few hundred pounds.

Not bad to ensure your Customers know your business is alive and well!

So, take action and call one of our advisers today at Beckett Telecom, to discuss your Disaster Recovery options on: 0118 940 9000