The trouble with cost savings studies is this: “they make us all yawn!”, but reducing the costs of the things your business needs, then identifying and cancelling things you do not all adds directly to the bottom line, just like winning business but without the sales team getting involved!

It’s boring, hard to get excited about, but getting good value and eliminating waste is at the heart of good business management. Boring stuff makes a difference.

We pride ourselves on being truly great at doing this in our own specialised arena of voice and data communications, and we focus hard on those nagging Monthly, quarterly and annual rental costs.

Most commonly we find ways to reduce the quantity and costs of this kind of stuff, by assessing what you really need, what you are actually paying for it and working hard to reduce quantities and costs wherever possible, sensible and pragmatic to do so! Sounds easy – sure… but it takes time, effort, expertise and a few good techniques that we understand well and use to great effect.

What stuff?

This stuff:

  • Lines
  • SIP, ISDN, DASS, Q931, DPNSS if you like letters!
  • Call costs
  • Internet services
  • All types of data circuits
  • EFM, FTTC, DIA and ADSL if you really like letters!
  • Maintenance charges

We put it all in an easy to understand report and give it to you for a few “no-brainer” decisions which will all add to the bottom line, whether that means more budget for IT updates, more money for you, the shareholders, or another nurse or 2 to save the lives of patients. We don’t mind what you use it on!

We try to keep your effort in all of this to the absolute minimum, but having said that, it is also true that the better quality of information we have to work on, the better the job we can do and the result we can bring.

If you want to do some good old fashioned cost management to add to your bottom line, call us on 0118 9409000 and ask for me, Graham Beckett.