Carbon Reduction Plan

We’re pleased to announce that at Becketts we have recently updated our Carbon Reduction Plan to reach Net Zero by 2035.

It’s been an interesting journey. At the beginning we thought that our impact on the environment would have been negligible and that this would be an interesting but achievable task.

This is not exactly the case although in a way this has proved to be true.

For example we’ve:

  • We’ve slashed our energy use by upgrading to heat pumps and LED Lighting

  • We’ve reduced energy expenditure on site by switching to cloud-based platforms such as O365 and Teams

  • We re-use and recycle wherever we can, in fact our business has always been environmentally friendly as leaders in the supply of pre-owned IT equipment for more than 30 years.

  • In the future we aim to move to 100% renewable electricity.

For those who know their CRP that covered Scope 1 and 2, Scope 3 is where it gets a lot more interesting, and has led us to take some unexpected steps!

We’ll go into that shortly, but to find out about our route to Net Zero please CLICK HERE or give us a call on 0118 940 9000