Net Zero – Part 2


Last week we ran through how we were reducing internally, but for Scope 3, which deals with the products and services we provide, it wasn’t quite so simple.

Not just interesting but a significant challenge.

As a full VAR we provide Goods, Projects Maintenance and Services, For Projects Maintenance and Services we’ve made super strides:

  • We’re working with suppliers to reduce the reliance of our customers on new physical devices (by far the largest part of our emissions)

  • Enhanced our implementation programmes to reduce engineer footprint and continue to do so.

  • We are committed to responsible business travel in a Carbon Responsible way.

  • Reduced commuting by embracing Hybrid working.

The challenge really came with

  • Purchased goods and services and Use of sold products

Although we championed reusing hardware back in the early 1990’s, New exciting products that work with new solutions need new hardware; new hardware needs to be made.

We are working with our supply chain to identify areas where they we can reduce carbon impact and with customers to ensure that once our projects are sold they are being used in an environmentally responsible way all the way through their life cycle.

In concert with all of this actions we are investigating the value of ISO 14001 to add to our existing ISO accreditations, ISO 9001 and ISO27001.

To find out more our Carbon Reduction Plan is available HERE – or give us a call on 0118 940 9000.