Today’s thought. Did you ever change the battery in the key of your first Car?

Years ago when remote unlocking on a car was a big thing, the batteries did not last as they do now. We knew that the power was draining away when we needed multiple button presses to open the lock, but did we change the batteries? Of course not! We would wait until we literally had the key flat against the glass, mashing the button with the might of 10 men until, finally we would hear the comforting sound of the motor unlock. Then, and here’s the thing, do absolutely nothing, certainly not replace the battery, preferring to defer it to another day.

At Becketts, we think your approach to your data circuits is just like this. You’re not interested in having a look at the options. Although you know that you have had Internet Access circuits & data between sites for years, you haven’t thought about them in an age.

  • Do you have what you need?
  • Are they fit for purpose?
  • Do they represent value for money?

Why not pass us the metaphorical “car key”, let us check out what you could get your data to do for you, for less than you pay now? No-one knows and it’s rarely addressed. In the meantime good luck getting that 1996 Corsa unlocked.

  • Beckett Telecom exist to provide better telecommunications, on premise, in the cloud or a combination.
  • For 28 years we have been supporting customers just like you providing voice and data services that work first time.
  • When it comes to data circuits, our considerable industry leverage works for you. We challenge Tier1 Network providers to work hard to deliver your    services on time and to budget.

To find out more contact us today on 0118 940 9000 and ask for our consultant Mike Gooch who will be happy to talk to you.