Aircraft accident / failure – Emergency call handling setup

Beckett Telecom has recently completed implementation of a robust call handling solution for an Aerospace Company, to be used in the case of an accident or breakdown of a certain type of aircraft. Because of the nature of the emergency, the specific details have to remain confidential.

The system has to be ready to work at any moment, yet will hardly ever be used-a classic problem for any emergency related solution. So the diverse location and robust nature of supporting equipment and networks was a key consideration.

In the case of an emergency, calls will be made to a specific non-geographic number. This number will normally route to a handset where a real human being will answer and handle the matter.

However, in out-of-hours situations or where the calls are unanswered for any reason the call is routed directly to a messaging system where a message can be left.

Once the message has been left, a number of mobile “smart” phones are alerted simultaneously by both SMS message and email (with the recorded message attached on a .WAV file). Any and all of the mobile phone users can then retrieve the message at will.

All of this was achieved for a modest set-up charge and a very small monthly charge. The customer has not needed to purchase any equipment whatsoever.

As part of the service, we are providing a live monthly check of the system to prove proper operation and we will also check that all the mobile user details are correct and current.

This solution is hardly rocket science, but the key thing is that it is precisely tailored to what our customer needed.

If you have any specific needs that have not yet been met, we’d love you to give us a call. Please call us on 0118 9409000 and mention this article, which was written by our company Chairman, Graham Beckett.