Welcome to our new website! We hope you will find it more useful and relevant to you than ever.

Our business, and therefore our website, is all about the great relationships we have with our customers.  It is our “listening, consultative” approach which enables us to properly understand your telecommunications needs. Only then can we go about carefully tailoring and applying the solutions  to those needs.  That’s why we have shamelessly focused our site on persuading you to pick up the phone and give us a call! We have passionate people at Beckett Telecom who can help you across a wide range of topics, from helping you choose the right headset for your phone, to designing a robust corporate MPLS network. Whatever the area, we are 100% committed to giving great ROI (Return On Investment) and we’d love you to give us the chance to prove that.

We’ve tried to design our website so that you can be fully informed about the areas in which we can help you, whilst letting you see what our customers think of us too. The solutions we offer are closely tailored to your needs and budget, so we have resisted the temptation to actually transact business impersonally on the web – we feel it’s simply too diverse and complex to get right in that way. Of course we understand that the “relationship “approach may not be for all and we are fine with that, but do get in touch anyway.

Let me point you to a couple of areas:

The Networks, Lines and Calls page (click on the Telephone Services heading) mentions a range of technologies to connect sites, get on the web or to make and receive calls. We can quickly establish what is the best product for you and if there are any cost savings available by looking at your voice and data arrangements or current call charges. Different services are available at different locations as well, so it is a good idea to hold a conversation about the options available.

Our Telephone Services section shows that as well as designing and installing new systems for our customers we also want to maintain both new and existing platforms. The number of sites that we maintain is growing because we care, and an initial discussion allows us to see if we can improve your service and reduce your spend.