From Left field – you weren’t expecting this!

What’s Ultimate Frisbee? Here’s my summary:

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced non-contact sport that combines agility, speed and stamina with tactical awareness to create an entertaining game to play and watch. The best way to describe Ultimate Frisbee is to imagine the tactical plays of American football and cross them with the positioning and movement of Netball – in particular players can only pivot and can’t run whilst holding the Frisbee (Disc).

Ultimate (As it’s formerly known) is played between two squads of approx. 14 players, where each point is contested by 7 players from both teams. The aim is to pass (throw) the frisbee between your team members and work the Frisbee up the pitch (Size of a football pitch) without it hitting the floor and to score a goal (point) by a team member catching the Frisbee in the opposition’s endzone, all whilst the opposition are marking you to either intercept the Frisbee or ensure you don’t make a successful catch. Games can last up to 90 minutes and require near constant sprinting – thankfully at the end of each point, both teams can substitute players on and off the pitch from their squad.

Ultimate Frisbee is largely unique in the fact that it is self-officiated and can be played as a Mixed, Men’s and Women’s game. Ultimate is most frequently played outdoors but the Indoor variation is regularly played in the UK (I wonder why that is…)

Over the past 7 years I have played at both University and Club level and love the athleticism that’s required to play the game at a high level, along with the community spirit which is welcoming and friendly. The Sport is easy for beginners to pick-up and unlike other sports that I play, is much more respectful of the opponents.

Check out the video to get a glimpse into how Ultimate is played!