“…..which raises another question”

After years of getting someone in to do home improvements, I decided to do some home refurbishment myself.



1.) It saves money,

2.) Great Excuse to buy some new tools 🙂

3.) I’m pretty handy and most of the work that needed to be done wasn’t that specialized.

4.) During a pandemic getting workman in the house is a challenge.

Lessons learned, 

1.) I did save some money but I worked a lot of weekends.

2.) I now have a lot of tools I will never need again.  (Pipe bender anyone?)

3.) I learned a lot of skills I won’t need again and plastering is really hard!

4.) Like a lot of people in IT, the pandemic hasn’t given me more free time, so I haven’t really achieved as much as I thought I would.

When you’re transitioning a voice network,  you don’t have to do it all yourself,  there are so many specific  things to consider,  which and only come up once,  catching out even the best planners and IT specialists, we call it the Voice Transition Gotchas .

Perhaps that’s why in calls I take part in every week, the phrase…

“…..which raises another question”,

…..comes up every time.  We are the “skilled plasterer” equivalent in Voice Transitioning, with experience honed with thousands of users, to give answers to avoid the Voice transition Gotchas!

If you would like to know answers, to questions around this topic, including Porting, Firewall. Permissions, SBC’s – Cloud or on-site, Contact centre integration and how not to get caught out, give us a call.

Alternatively, I can offer you a very nice and shiny pipe bender!