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If you are concerned about the future support of your Hipath DX system, then read on…

Beckett Telecom offer you a practical support solution, to ensure that your Siemens/ Unify Hipath DX system (also known as ISDX and DX Realitis), continues to give extremely reliable service far beyond 2017, and enables you to take advantage of new cost saving technologies, like SIP trunks.

Beckett Telecom are a long established, solvent and stable business and have been helping customers with DX Realitis systems for more than 23 years.

Beckett Telecom is special – we offer:

  • A real person to take your call based in our offices in Berkshire
  • A genuinely friendly, helpful and considerate approach
  • A “can do” attitude, developing the systems that you already have
  • An account manager who stays your account manager

Our aim is to find a way to make your systems produce the results that you require, and to add value by making you aware of some features and technologies that can work with your existing infrastructure. SIP trunks can be added to any of these systems, so that you can take advantage of the very best call tariff whilst using the latest technology.


We support the full suite of Siemens/Unify HiPath PABX’s including ISDX, Realitis and HiCom and HiPath 4000, across a range of software releases and associated applications, such as Expression Voicemail and OSCC/Procentre Contact centre.

Beckett Telecom offers first class support to customers, including:

  • Hospitals, running 24 hour A&E facilities
  • Utility companies with critical services, such as electricity and water
  • Manufacturing networks in steel, textiles and glassware connected with SIP trunking
  • Smaller, stand alone sites with just a few hundred extensions.
  • Over 500 sites under support.

Another satisfied customer:

A London hotel group with 3251 rooms across 6 hotels, has an ongoing requirement to put a telephone in every room. The existing HiPath DX infrastructure meets their ongoing needs perfectly and justification for a replacement could not be delivered cost effectively, particularly when considering the cost of IP cabling.
Beckett Telecom is delighted to have secured a 5 year contract to support Voice support services to the Hotel group, initially until 2019. This will allow the ongoing support of 4 ISDX systems across the City, and assurance that the current infrastructure is in safe hands, until the end of the decade.

Why choose Beckett Telecom? We flex to your needs by:

  • Providing tailor-made support agreements, catering to your needs
  • Offering flexible terms, from 3 Months to 5 years
  • Giving flexible cover, from 2 to 8 hour response on either 24x7x365 through to Monday-Friday working hour’s cover.
  • Creating flexible decreasing Estate Contracts
  • No surprise contracts incorporating battery back-up and replacement cells.

Let us know how we can help you with your Unify Hipath DX and telecommunication needs. To discuss options, call Emily Zervos on 0844 993 4129 who will direct you to an available expert.