Telecom Networks


With Telecommunications Networks, Beckett Telecom know that all customers are different and have different needs.

Our typical customer has two or more sites that need their IT environments to be connected and internet must be available at each location. Other factors then help us to specify the Network design, such as:

  • Is there 99.999% availability required at a site ?
  • Should we consider using the IT environment to carry phone calls?
  • Are cloud computing or archiving services needed?

Beckett Telecom provides a consultative and personal approach to make sure that only internet, private circuit and network options that best fit your operations are offered.

We have valuable experience gained from working with numerous customers, large and small, across all market verticals. We are aware that many clients continue to pay large monthly sums to the major approved carriers for leased lines and MPLS connections, without receiving a responsive or proactive service.

Beckett Telecom uses the same major T1 carriers and can improve your telecom capability with specialist networking companies, to provide a superior service, at a lower cost to our clients.

Essentially, we add value.


Let Beckett Telecom know how we can help you with your Networks and other telecommunication needs.

To discuss options, call Emily Zervos on 0844 993 4129 who will direct you to an available expert.

Alternatively, e-mail Emily at in order to arrange a call back time that suits you.