Almost All IT Leaders Acknowledge Managing Communications Systems is Challenging

Recent research from Bandwidth’s Enterprise Communications Landscape has found that more than 90% of IT leaders find managing their communications systems challenging. The study looked into the challenges that approximately 1,000 IT leaders across the world face, and found that the major issues keeping them up at night were:

→ User experience

→ Cloud migrations

→ Call reliability & quality

→ Price point

→ Speed of delivery

→ Complexity

→ Orchestration & automation

→ Interoperability

→ Training & adoption


With only 46% of participants saying that their current communications systems meet their needs there is a need for change.  Migrating solutions to the cloud has been underway for a while but migrating voice has been one of the biggest challenges.  Particularly around ensuring continuity of numbers, user set up and adoptions, integration to back-office systems and compliance all add to an already difficult transition.


At the moment most IT leaders are managing multiple 3rd party integrations to cover


→ Call recording

→ Message applications

→ Voice transcription

→ Interactive voice response

→ PCI payment processing

→ Voice biometric authentication

→ Natural language processing

→ Sentiment analysis

→ Realtime coaching


With over 40 % of respondents saying that they have over 17 integrations to cover these challenges, and changing voice providers means you have to be sure these integrations will continue to work.  As most respondents were using Microsoft Teams, which had added over 5 million PSN seats in the past 12 months, they are able to turn their UCaaS into a voice solution quickly and easily as well.

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