Microsoft O365 Licencing Price Rises

As you will be aware, Microsoft have recently raised their prices for O365 by around 11% on an annual basis.
As ever with Microsoft it’s not particularly easy for organisations to gain insights into what licences they are actually using.

At Becketts we are able to help you answer many questions organisations should be able to know such as:

  • You have simple and clear visibility on your entire Microsoft 365 license suite?
  • How many Teams Voice licenses have been allocated but are inactive?
  • Have you duplicated licenses?
  • Who are the dormant users or those with licenses still allocated to them even though they have left the business?

We are able to give you insights into all available and consumed licenses within Azure AD. We’ll provide a report which:

  • Offers cost avoidance by capturing unused or stale licensing
  • The option of re-utilisation of licenses as well as tracking usage trends overtime.
  • Track costs by country, location, department or even cost code for example, then easily re-distribute these costs based on usage.
  • Allows you to easily understand current license availability and track costs in all Microsoft SKUs listed within the Active Directory.

Additionally with our proven Teams Voice Services, we are able to reduce Calling Plans from £5.30 down to around £1.00 per user.
To find out how we can help you to review your Microsoft Licencing Costs, please give us a call on 0118 940 9000