Telecommunications Networks
Telecommunications Networks


MPLS and VPLS Networks

MPLS Networks provide a private data connection between at least two sites, and internet at the connected premises. Our MPLS networks join any number of sites regardless of distance. This may be useful if your company expands with regional offices which require both internet and private data connectivity. Internet service is delivered from the core and a proportion of bandwidth will be reserved for internet delivery within each tail. Gamma and other SIP trunk providers can also be connected too, directly from the core of the MPLS network.

Routing with QoS will be established between the IT LANs at each premise. The MPLS tails on Fibre, FTTC or EFM terminate on a monitored Juniper gateway router. Changes to your network are quickly made upon request, normally without charge.

Beckett Telecom provides its MPLS service for little more each month than the rental cost of the tails to the buildings, providing real value with excellent service. We select the fibre tail from the complete range of carriers at each location to connect to the core network, which offers the best pricing. We will also select an alternative Telco to provide a failover tail at a site when high availability is required.

With available tail speeds of 1Gbps we can handle whatever traffic is required to and from computing centres and Storage Area Networks. At the other end of the scale small offices and homeworkers can also be networked by lower cost ADSL connections into the MPLS network when necessary.

When a company has a policy of independent LANs at each site interworking with each other then an MPLS network with Layer 3 routing is required. LAN changes at one site do not need to change the configuration at the other. Some clients though need an environment where the multiple offices are connected at Layer 2 and share the same Layer 3 networking – in a similar manner to a simpler P2P circuit.

Beckett Telecom can provide this capability by delivering a VPLS network solution. Instead of providing a Gateway router at each premise we install an Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD).

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