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Future Network options:

At Beckett Telecom, we have noticed rental costs dropping dramatically over the last five years! The cost of connecting two sites with a private data connection has dropped significantly and the speeds available have increased too! There is money to be saved and speed benefits to be gained.

So, often a customer who is out of contract will be offered the speed they now need, say 100Mbps, at a lower cost to the 10Mbps that they already have. For example, a company may want to properly connect its headquarters which has the server room with the main sales centre. Our solutions provide Layer 2 connectivity with RJ45 or SFP optical connections to extend your company LAN’s, as required.

When the sites are within 25Kms then we often provide an EAD – Ethernet Access Direct product from BT Openreach. This gives you a dedicated fibre optic cable for complete security at 100 or 1000 Mbps and the status of the link is remotely tested by a separate ADSL line that connects to the Network Terrmination Unit at one end.

When a speed of 2.5-10Gbps is required, we can deliver the service over a fibre by delivering an OSA – Optical Spectrum Access solution which uses multiple light spectrum elements. This will work for up to 70 Km’s.

For connectivity between cities beyond the reach of the above products, we typically deliver an Ethernet solution, using a private segment of Virginmedia’s National Network.

With both sites linked by a P2P circuit then internet can be made available at both sites by providing a DIA – Direct Internet Access service at one of the sites. Beckett Telecom provides a Fibre Ethernet, FTTC or EFM tail that delivers internet service from a Juniper gateway router. We are automatically alerted if your service ever fails. The following three features are fairly unique to internet service from Beckett Telecom :

  • our Internet Access tail can be upgraded at any time to an MPLS tail (see below)
  • an administrator can monitor the traffic types and flows from a browser window
  • our Internet Access will connect telephony SIP trunks to carriers off-internet
  • An upgrade may be useful if your company expands with regional offices which require both internet and private data connectivity to the main sites.

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