Pay as you Go (PAYG)

Many customers are looking for a PAYG method to pay for the voice needs of their business and many Digitally transformed services such as our “BATS!” comprehensive hosted service lend themselves naturally to this.


SIP Services

SIP has now overtaken the provision of ISDN for the first time at Beckett Telecom, as more companies transition over from Traditional TDM trunks to a more flexible, adaptable and cost effective solution. With an inclusive allowance for UK and National calls, costs have been reduced whilst functionality, flexibility and failover has improved.


Hosted Voice and Data Solutions

Why have all of your voice and data on site? Why not pass the burden to a provider who specialises in providing just that; a platform on which you can run all of your communications whether its Voice, storage, applications or data handling.


Fixed Price Solutions

In order to control costs smooth budgets and plan for the future, more and more organisations are looking for ways to finance their Infrastructure upgrades by moving to a fixed monthly solution. This usually means also moving to a hosted or Pay as you go solution.


Microsoft Teams / SFB for Voice

If you are considering using Teams or Skype for Business (SfB) for the VOICE needs of your organisation, then you will have already been impressed with all the Office Integration, Collaboration & Federation UC features. The right approach to using this platform for voice is less obvious, particularly if you need to integrate this with some legacy arrangement. This is where we can help.


Customer Based Solutions

Beckett Telecom have been providing Telecommunication solutions to the Enterprise market for 30 years.