Pay As You Use

Pay as you Go (PAYG)

Many customers are looking for a PAYG method to pay for the voice needs of their business and many Digitally transformed services such as our “BATS!” comprehensive hosted service lend themselves naturally to this.

Beckett’s have a lot of experience in providing truly scalable (by that we mean that numbers can go down as well as up!) solutions which scale in payment terms as well as technical.

This is one of the areas we can bring a true differentiator to the table, as we can roll up the services, equipment and handset purchases or rentals, maintenance, calls and line rentals into a single cost effective “per seat” payment which can be flexed up and down according to the agreed contract. We can offer short term agreements which run for as little as 6 Months. Contracts can include a minimum number of seats, so that if things do not go as planned in the business then the costs can be scaled down in line with needs.

Our BATS managed service is a great example, for a per user payment of just £13 per Month, this includes everything you need to support smaller sites or businesses with a fully Digital voice solution. Connectivity, SIP trunks, handsets, equipment and calls are all included in this truly comprehensive solution.


Customer Based Solutions

Beckett Telecom have been providing Telecommunication solutions to the Enterprise market for 30 years.