Safe Transition

When moving from a legacy voice platform to a new solution the main challenge is to ensure there is no downtime or unexpected changes.

Typically you’ll have an old voice service on-site, from a manufacturer such as Avaya, Siemens, Cisco, Mitel etc.   Most organisations are looking at Microsoft Teams as a potential solution, incorporating home and mobile working with easy self management.

By understanding how the old and the new fit together, you’ll be able to manage risks and identify where potential challenges may lie.

Common issues we see are:

  • Analogue Extensions – how will you manage these in a cloud world
  • Number Ranges – How does the layout of your numbers impact who can and cannot move and the order for migrations
  • Devices – do you have specific devices for specialist jobs – for example an operator console – or do you have the ability to ensure each user can have the device of their requirement (wired or wireless headset, handset etc.) available for go live
  • Disaster Recovery – what are your DR plans now and do new ones need to be devised for the new technology
  • Staff – are they fully onboard and aware of what is happening?
  • Connectivity – with increased data usage has your network been tested and the data requirements for offices and home users calculated?
  • Testing & Proof of Concept – can you set up and run both solutions side by side, to ensure what you are getting is what you require?

All these are easy to understand and will make a tremendous improvement in making the transformation from old to new safe and managed.

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